Under Re- Construction

Under Reconstruction

This site is being rebuilt.

The theme - the part that decides look and feel - was unsupported and I needed to get a new one.
The cleanest option was to do a full re-install.

This means that posts are missing photos and the layouts are all wrong.

Hopefully it will get all tidied up over the coming days.

(Make that years - life has been busy and this has not been a priority).

When I have updated all the existing posts, I will add some new ones, which will feature on this  front page.

I will also put some galleries of my photos on here as well.

Lastly add some hobby stuff and technology reviews.

I did not think at the time how relevant the title I used for this page would be.
I have learned a lot about de-construction and re-construction over the last year.
When things you believe get challenged, then you can either dig in and not budge or you can grow through it
A useful step in personal growth and understanding to take things apart, give them a good look and put them back together again. 
I will probably write a few articles covering this journey once I have a clearer picture.