My nostalgic side has been over stimulated recently.

There has been an interesting TV series “Back in time for the weekend” which started with the 1950’s through to the present.  It showed how much technology has changed our lives over a few decades.

The speaker at our church a few weeks ago began his talk by apologising to “those listening to the tape” for having a cold, concerned that they would hear him ok. 
No one will be “listening to the tape”. 

(Our talks are uploaded as a podcast which can be played using iTunes or via our church website. We have not used tapes for years). 

I recently watched an old Bond film where James and Q used a computer to create an identikit picture of one of the baddies.  They started by loading a large reel of computer tape.  
I remember arranging for data to be written to similar computer tape reel, to be flown out to Sweden, where it was transferred to an 8 inch computer cassette tape and then flown back, so I could load it on to a telephone exchange.

As well as punched cards and computer tapes, I remember using various sizes of floppy disks. 
These disks, like tapes are no longer used.  It is now rare that I use a CD or DVD.

If we want to save information, the symbol used is an image of an obsolete computer Disk. 

We have just had a new washing machine – made by a company better known for its smart phones and TVs.

To start our clothes washing, you press the “Play” button.

Our latest technology is using the familiar symbols of some of our oldest technology. 

The symbols that were used on the big mechanical buttons of reel to reel tape recorders are still in use on anything where were we need to press play including our new washing machine.

People are using devices and applications which use symbols based on real things they have never seen.

What lessons can we learn from my nostalgic ramblings?

  • The principles and purpose of things does not change but how we access it does.
  • We need to keep up to date – our language and communication needs to be current and relevant if we wish to engage with younger generations.

There is one thing that does not change…

Hebrews 13 8-9 MSG

There should be a consistency that runs through us all.
For Jesus doesn’t change—yesterday, today, tomorrow, he’s always totally himself.

Don’t be lured away from him by the latest speculations about him. The grace of Christ is the only good ground for life.