As a result of working in noisy telephone exchanges I now suffer with tinnitus.

This means I have to listen past a whistle sound to hear people speak and getting to sleep or back to sleep is sometimes difficult.

It is made worse by stress.

Coping is achieved by managing stress, distraction and trying to desensitise my awareness.

I hearing aids to boost voice sounds, they also play white noise – an eternal hiss to make the internal hiss less noticeable.

I also listen to music in headphones.

I just bought some new ones from Soundcore which are great value and really good.


The ones I have are the latest model, Life Q35s.
At the moment the previous model the Life Q30s are really great value and very good and I would recommend them unreservedly.
They compare favourably with ones costing 4 or 5 times more.
They have good active noise cancelation which effectively removes background noise. They have equalisation and an app to choose the sound profile that you like.
The app includes ambient sounds to help you relax or get to sleep and a library of new music from upcoming artists.

Excellent value and if you use the referral link from this page I can earn some points to go towards my next purchase.